Assistance dogs change lives.

K9Assistance (Ltd) was founded in 2020 to promote the use of Assistance Dogs for the disabled in Singapore. Our activities centre around Assistance Dogs for Persons with Disability.


To improve the lives of the disabled through assistance dogs.


Every disabled person with their assistance dog can lead life to the fullest.


To be the go-to resource for anything on assistance dogs in Singapore and uphold public confidence towards assistance dogs and their disabled handlers.


Genuine inclusivity is the foundation to our work.

Assistance Dog

What is an Assistance Dog?

Assistance Dogs are not pets. They are specially trained dogs who alleviate their handlers’ disability, allowing the disabled an improved quality of life and independence.

In order to assure and maintain the comfort and safety of people with disabilities and the public in general, stringent behavioural and training standards are equally applied to all assistance dogs, across all categories and functions.